Another Science grant awarded at TOHS!

Thousand Oaks High School again has another science teacher receiving grant money from C4CC. We are delighted with their enthusiasm for our program!

Congratulations to Kristin Majda for receiving a grant to purchase science literature novels for her classroom. She plans to supplement the reading with fun activities and projects and use the information learned from the book as a foundation for examples when teaching the science standards in class. Principal Lou Lichtl is pleased to have another grant awarded at TOHS.

Ms. Majda wrote: “In an effort to address the common core literacy standards for science and also make science more relevant and meaningful to students, I plan to incorporate non-fiction literature into my science curriculum.”


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2013-2014 School Year begins with 4 grants at TOHS.

Four teachers at Thousand Oaks High School began the year with Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grants to fund wonderful activities for their students. Congratulations to Ashley Cooper, Heather Farrell, Lisa Ravitch, and Susan Ramage!

Science teacher Ashley Cooper (pictured with CSF Treasurer Laurie Lam & Bonnie Adamick), received a grant for materials for her 9th grade Biology and Health students to create clay models of the muscular system.

Ms. Cooper and some of her enthusiastic students.


Science teacher Heather Farrell will purchase GPS devices to be used in a 9th grade geocaching lab project.


Teacher Lisa Ravitch will create a flipped teaching experience for her students through making instructional online videos. Hands-on studio time in the classroom will engage students in taking the learned information and putting it to use in a meaningful way.


Spanish teacher Susan Ramage (pictured below with TOHS Principal Lou Lichtl) will purchase a class set/subscription to Scholastic Magazine Spanish readers which will engage students in high interest reading material that includes relevant topics, current events, and new vocabulary.

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A Look Back: Projects funded by Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms – High Schools.


At Thousand Oaks High School, Heather Farrell’s 9th grade science students went on an oceanography field trip aboard a floating marine lab.

This trip was funded by C4CC with the generous donation of Dennis & Linda Fenton.

Ms. Farrell’s students created a photo book of their trip which included the following quotes:

“Thank you for enabling me to have such a marvelous day at sea.” - Sarah

“This trip was fantastic. Thank you for the incredible opportunity. I’ll never forget it” – Samantha

“Thank you so much for funding the trip. I learned a lot I never knew.” - Michael

“This trip was very important to me b/c when I grow up I want to be a marine biologist & I learned some pretty useful skills.” - Cindy

“This field trip was really interesting since I learned different facts about marine animals and their habitats, especially since we got to hold some of the animals” - Olivia

“Thank you for this amazing boat trip.  I learned so much about marine life.” - Ricky

” Loved the trip and I learned a lot about the ocean.” - Francisco

“I loved holding the animals and learning about the sea.” - Priya

“Thank you for the opportunity to go out on a boat to learn a lot. It was an amazing trip and I had so much fun.” - Bailey

One of the best things about Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms is taking part in creating amazing experiences for students, thanks to Ms. Farrell and our donors! 



At Newbury Park High School, science teacher Robert Martin used his grant to purchase 15 sling psychrometers, a classroom barometer, a thermometer, and an anemometer.

This is what Mr. Martin wrote to us:

“We all really appreciate the grant here at NPHS.  I will continue to work on [the lab] over the next few semesters … it will continue to get better and better.  I already know that I would like to add more measurements to it for next year, and I know I can because of the equipment we were able to get. The students really enjoy going outside and taking some real measurements.”

“Any time students are taking actual measurements and comparing data with other students, they are engaged and learning important skills.”

“There are 72 students in my classes, and next year it will be shared with other teachers.” – teacher Robert Martin

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Spring grants continue… across disciplines and grade levels throughout the district!

Colina Middle School Music teacher Anne Freuhling won a grant for a very special music program, “Giving Bach.”

The “Giving Bach” program will focus on exposing special needs students to the world of classical music.  In addition to giving a live concert, Ms. Fruehling’s strings students will work one on one with Colina’s special needs students, teaching them some basic aspects of playing their instruments.


At Westlake High School, Marine Science teacher Kristi Hronek received a grant for her students’ Atoll Reef project.

Students created models to represent the formation of atoll reefs resulting from the sinking of a volcanic island.


First grade teacher Susan Lewis at EARThS Science Magnet will use grant money to purchase animal books.


Thousand Oaks Highs School STEM Scientific Research teacher Nikki Malhotra received a grant to purchase a bench top shaker.

STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math.  The Scientific Research class is a high level STEM course offered only at TOHS.  The objective is to enable students to apply their knowledge of different topics in biological sciences and chemistry while working on an original research project.

Ms. Malhotra with her student, Senior Adam Potter, alongside his award winning project. Congrats Adam!  His project won 1st place at the Ventura County Science Fair.


TOHS Earth Science teacher Heather Farrell will use grant money to help offset costs of a Channel Islands field trip.

This field trip will give students the opportunity to touch on many Earth Science topics in a meaningful and memorable way; most students have never been to the Channel Islands.

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December 2012 Awards!

At Sycamore Canyon Middle School, 6th grade teacher Haley Carroll and her students gather for a photo op to celebrate her award.

Ms. Carroll will use grant money to purchase an online subscription to the Popplet tool, which her students will use with Language Arts and Social Studies projects.  Students will use Popplet to help organize ideas, create graphics, and create timelines, along with other forms of visual organization.  below, Ms. Carroll demonstrates Popplet for us.


At Thousand Oaks High School, more great things are happening in Ashley Cooper’s 9th grade Biology and Health classes.  Here she receives a grant from donor Mrs. Diane Blindbury, also pictured with TOHS principal Lou Lichtl.

Ms. Cooper’s project will study the transfer of bacteria during a sneeze.  Achoo!


TOHS colleague Dana Grooms also received a grant for Biology.

Her grant money will be used to purchase molecular puzzles which will allow students to model chemical reactions. C4CC thanks our generous donors John & Diane (pictured) Blindbury for making this possible.


At EARThS Science Magnet, 4th grade teacher Laura Pewe received a grant for nature journals.  Principal Jennifer Boone joined us for a photo.

Here’s an example of a student’s nature journal.  Students will create outdoor scientific journals/books while observing native plants of the Santa Monica Mountains (Satwiwa).

Ms. Pewe and her class with EARThS  Principal Jennifer Boone.


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