THANKS to to our generous donors…4 Newbury Park High School science teachers receive grants.

We are so thankful to our generous donors John & Diane Blindbury who so kindly funded Science grants at Newbury Park High School! We were able to honor 4 teachers for their fabulous ideas and provide funding for their projects!

NPHS Science teachers Jennifer Lockwood and Lorena Caulfield, pictured below with donor Diane Blindbury (center) and Principal Athol Wong (R) will use grant money to purchase blood pressure monitoring equipment. Stethescopes and aneroid sphygomomanometers will be used in labs and classroom activities studying the cardiovascular system. The equipment will benefit students in multiple classes including Sports Medicine, Anatomy and IB Biology.


Anatomy and Physiology teacher Danielle Barra received a grant to purchase skeletal system models needed for her classes.

Ms. Barra wrote: “Students in anatomy and physiology learn about all the major body systems throughout the course to gain an understanding of how the human body works. Many students in this class have a desire to pursue a degree and career in a medical related field and it is my goal to prepare them for studying anatomy and physiology at the college level.”


Science teacher Brianna Harris will use grant money to purchase a class set of novels for a long term project that will connect the Science and English curriculums.

Ms. Harris wrote: “This is a novel based on biological sciences where students will be able to connect the content learned in class to the fictional story.”

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A Look Back: Projects funded by Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms – High Schools.


At Thousand Oaks High School, Heather Farrell’s 9th grade science students went on an oceanography field trip aboard a floating marine lab.

This trip was funded by C4CC with the generous donation of Dennis & Linda Fenton.

Ms. Farrell’s students created a photo book of their trip which included the following quotes:

“Thank you for enabling me to have such a marvelous day at sea.” - Sarah

“This trip was fantastic. Thank you for the incredible opportunity. I’ll never forget it” – Samantha

“Thank you so much for funding the trip. I learned a lot I never knew.” - Michael

“This trip was very important to me b/c when I grow up I want to be a marine biologist & I learned some pretty useful skills.” - Cindy

“This field trip was really interesting since I learned different facts about marine animals and their habitats, especially since we got to hold some of the animals” - Olivia

“Thank you for this amazing boat trip.  I learned so much about marine life.” - Ricky

” Loved the trip and I learned a lot about the ocean.” - Francisco

“I loved holding the animals and learning about the sea.” - Priya

“Thank you for the opportunity to go out on a boat to learn a lot. It was an amazing trip and I had so much fun.” - Bailey

One of the best things about Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms is taking part in creating amazing experiences for students, thanks to Ms. Farrell and our donors! 



At Newbury Park High School, science teacher Robert Martin used his grant to purchase 15 sling psychrometers, a classroom barometer, a thermometer, and an anemometer.

This is what Mr. Martin wrote to us:

“We all really appreciate the grant here at NPHS.  I will continue to work on [the lab] over the next few semesters … it will continue to get better and better.  I already know that I would like to add more measurements to it for next year, and I know I can because of the equipment we were able to get. The students really enjoy going outside and taking some real measurements.”

“Any time students are taking actual measurements and comparing data with other students, they are engaged and learning important skills.”

“There are 72 students in my classes, and next year it will be shared with other teachers.” – teacher Robert Martin

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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms Finishes out the 2011-2012 School Year with 6 More Grants…

Weathersfield Elementary School 5th grade teacher Mae Robin Joaquin is delighted to receive a grant for her class!

Ms. Joaquin will use her grant money to purchase high interest novels for her small reading groups to use throughout the school year.  She is pictured below with her excited group of students.


Westlake Elementary School teacher Kelly Lovenson receiving a grant for her Kindergarten class.

Thanks to their Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant, Ms. Lovenson’s students will have fun while learning using Hot Dots interactive pens and Tubaloo phones.  Hands on activities will reinforce phonics, sound identification, vocabulary, and reading readiness.


At Westlake Hills Elementary School, Christi Wyrrick received a grant for her Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten class.

Ms. Wyrrick will use her grant money for Marvelous math supplies and manipulatives.  She writes, “Thank you for supporting our youngest learners as we lay the foundation in math skills.”  It is our pleasure!


Newbury Park High School French teacher Corrine McKean received a grant for her AP and IB classes.

Ms. McKean stresses the importance of reading enrichment materials for her students in order to be prepared for the challenge of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate testing.  She will use grant money to purchase novels to be used by her French classes at all levels.

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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms Honors 4 CVUSD Teachers!

There is always a lot going on in our terrific school district.  April gave us another opportunity to showcase 4 teachers doing great things for kids.


Colina Middle School teacher Stephen Kozlowski receives a grant in the wood shop.

Mr. Kozlowski thought of a way to inspire students by using their wood shop skills to improve their campus environment.  The students will be repairing and refurbishing benches on campus using wrought iron and wood.  These students look very pleased.

Students enjoy using the tools in Colina’s wood shop.



Newbury Park High School Spanish language teacher Claudia Caudill with her students.

Ms. Caudill will use her grant money to purchase Vox Spanish/English dictionaries to enhance students’ learning and provide a vital resource to increase vocabulary, essential to acquiring a second language.


EARThS Magnet School 4th grade teacher Laura Pewe, with Bonnie Adamick and EARThS principal Jennifer Boone.

Ms. Pewe will use Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant money to purchase Delta Science Readers to support language arts taught through the lens of science, which reflects the curriculum integration philosophy of EARThS Magnet School..

Melissa Spiegel, 2nd grade teacher at Westlake Elementary School, is delighted to receive a Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant.

Ms. Spiegel will set up a much needed listening center in her classroom to reinforce the language arts curriculum.  All students will be able to access the center each and every day throughout the school year.

Ms. Speigel’s class showing their enthusiasm!

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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms awards 2 additional grants in February… thanks to our generous donors!

Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms continues to grow through direct financial support from our community.  This month we were able to award 2 additional grants, made possible by the genrous support of Dennis & Linda Fenton.  Linda was able to join us this week in presenting grants to 2 of our dedicated science teachers at the high school level.

Thousand Oaks High School 9th grade science teacher Ashley Cooper, at right, pictured with donor Linda Fenton,  won a grant for her BIO (Biology Integrated Opportunites) program. 

Ms. Cooper’s students will be introduced to career paths integrated with her biology program.  Highlights include guest speakers such as a cardiologist who will guide students through the observation and dissection of a sheep’s heart.  Grant money will be used to purchase supplies that support the featured specific career related activities.


Robert Martin, science teacher at Newbury Park High School, pictured with donor Linda Fenton

Mr. Martin’s 9th grade students will be studying atmosphere.  Grant money will be used to purchase sling psychrometers and barometers.

A few students join Mr. Martin, Mrs. Fenton, and Assistant Principal Josh Eby for a photo. 




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