Highlights of 2012-2013: 21st Century Learning at Lang Ranch Elementary School

Lang Ranch 3rd grade teacher Nancy Tracy used her classroom grant to purchase online subscriptions to Glogster and Animoto, interactive tools used by her students to create book reports and video projects.

Ms. Tracy wrote to us:

“Thank you for visiting my classroom and presenting us with the grant from Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms. Your program has truly made an impact on our classroom in keeping 21st century learning ongoing. In fact our class has been asked several times to be visited be parents and principals interested in seeing how technology can be used in the classroom. My students and I can’t thank you enough for providing us with tools for learning. “

Here are some examples of Glogster book reports.  Click the links to see more.




“Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms saved the day for technology in our room.” – teacher Nancy Tracy


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A Look Back: Projects funded by Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms – Elementary Schools (part 1)

At Madroña Elementary, 4th grade teachers Janet Dieterle, Sandy Eicher, & Donna Luft used their grant to purchase supplies for their book club.

Ms. Dieterle reports:

“The 4th grade teachers at Madroña have implemented book club groups as part of our differentiated program.  There are 108 students that participate in this program to earn their Bachelors, Masters, and PhD degrees in reading after following some very specific criteria.”

Pictured here are students being recognized for earning their degrees.

These students earned Masters and PhD degrees.



At Glenwood Elementary, 2nd grade teachers Muriel Miller & Kelly MacDonald used their grant to bring Scholastic News to their students every week.

Ms. MacDonald wrote to us:

“We were able to purchase a year long subscription to Scholastic News Weekly. Since 2nd grade is a big year for building reading comprehension, we are lucky to have such high interest and entertaining things to read. This weekly subscription will help supplement our literature program as well as allow students to connect to the world they live in.”

Ms. Miller reported:

“Each issue offers interesting articles to read and to write about.  Also, every child takes each issue home to keep… enriching the home’s literacy.”


At Lang Ranch Elementary, 3rd grade teacher Paula Golem created a classroom listening center.

Ms. Golem wrote to us:

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, to the Conejo Schools Foundation, for your amazing and generous grant to our classroom. Your donation made it possible for me to purchase a new and much needed, state-of-the-art listening center, with books, CDs, and audio tapes for my students to use…The new listening center allows me to address the different learning styles  my students have in the classroom, and better meet their individual needs.”

“…second language learners are excited to use the new equipment to listen to a variety of stories and poems, as they follow along with the text. The opportunity to both see and hear the stories… helps my students build their English vocabulary skills as well their fluency and comprehension skills. In addition, they are excited to record their own voices reading the stories and listen to themselves read.”

“The opportunity to listen to the material in our stories and text books repeatedly, helps those auditory learners absorb the information and remember it in a way that is comfortable and effective for them… students are asking to record their own voices reading  stories and plays for others to enjoy. They are also excited about writing and publishing their own literature to record.”

“Today there is a new buzz of excitement in my classroom. The kids have a energized interest in reading, and I could not be happier.” – teacher Paula Golem



At EARThS science magnet school, 4th grade teacher Laura Pewe purchased science books.

Ms. Pewe wrote to us:

“This grant of $250.00 for my classroom purchased five sets of Delta Science Readers. Each set of 8 includes topics of Earth Movements, Water Cycle, Magnets, Soil Science, and Oceans, supporting the curriculum integration so integral to EARTHS Magnet School. These readers will not only educate this year’s 4th graders, but will continue to enlighten countless numbers of students in the years to come.”

“I am grateful to the Conejo Schools Foundation for understanding the limitations and needs of classroom teachers and for providing the means to accomplish academic goals within the classroom. Many children will benefit as a result of this grant program.” - teacher Laura Pewe

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Grant money provides tech tools for elementary students!

At Lang Ranch Elementary, 3rd grade teacher Nancy Tracy receives a grant along with congratulations from CVUSD School Board Member Peggy Buckles and Principal Chris Ridge.

At a conference during the summer, Ms.Tracy learned how to incorporate technology to reinforce non fiction reading and writing, and to make book reports more fun for her students.  Students use online tools such as Glogster and Animoto to organize ideas and to bring stories to life using a variety of creative resources.

Ms. Tracy’s room is full of creativity and inspiration!


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4 New Grants Awarded in March….

Four more wonderful CVUSD teachers received grants for their classrooms this month.  It is truly inspiring to learn about what so many dedicated teachers have planned for their students.

Pictured here is Heather Farrell, 9th grade science teacher at Thousand Oaks High School, along with CSF Executive Director Cindy Goldberg, Bonnie Adamick,  donor Linda Fenton, and TOHS principal Lou Lichtl.

Ms. Farrell’s students will have the exciting experience of conducting science experiments aboard the Marine Floating Lab of Channel Islands.  Our sincere thanks to generous donors Dennis and Linda Fenton for funding this field trip opportunity.


Westlake High School’s International Foods teacher Maria Scirone is so enthusiastic about receiving her grant!

Ms. Scirone’s students will be studying Italian culture, philosophy, and cuisine through the study of different regions of Italy and the preparation of delicious Italian foods. Mmmmmm.


Congratulations to Paula Golem, 3rd grade teacher at Lang Ranch Elementary School, shown alongside principal Chris Ridge,  Bonnie Adamick, and  CSF Treasurer Laurie Lam.

Ms. Golem will use her grant money for a listening center in her classroom, which will support the language arts program for English language learners, while enhancing full access to the core curriculum for all students in the class.


Here are Christy Button and Tammy Farhit, 1st grade teachers at Aspen Elementarey School, shown with Bonnie Adamick and Aspen principal Amie Mills.

Ms. Button and Ms. Farhit will use the grant to fund their classroom’s unit on Africa this spring.  Highlights include a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo and a variety of arts and crafts and hands on learning activities through small group instruction in the classroom’s “Africa Centers.”  What a lucky class!

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Five Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grants awarded in November!

Congratulations to our terrific November grant recipients:

Veronica Virgen, Lang Ranch Elementary School, Grade 2, Performing ArtsLANGMs. Viirgen (right) is pictured with Bonnie Adamick, Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms program chair.

Ms. Virgen’s students will perform a musical for students and parents this spring, using the North Star theme.  Self-determination, creativity, hope, and vision are cornerstones of this allegory. The musical is an extension of this philosophy, focused on inspiring students on their lifelong learning journey.  

Below, Lang Ranch principal Michael Ridge joins the class for a group photo.


Kelly MacDonald, Glenwood Elementary School, Grade 2, Language Arts & Social ScienceGLENWOODMs. MacDonald’s class will receive a subscription to Scholastic News, providing students with a kid-friendly link to current events as well as high interest stories connecting to the social studies and science curriculum.


Muriel Miller, Glenwood Elementary School, Grade 2, Language Arts & Social ScienceGLENWOODMs. Miller’s class will also receive a year’s subscription to Scholastic News.  Students will practice reading expository text and respond in writing to high interest information.


Monica Beck, Colina Middle School, Grade 8, Language Arts & Social Science, integrated with Community ServiceMs. Beck and her students display one of their hand crafted blankets.

Ms. Beck has developed a unit called “At Your Service,” designed to heighten students’ awareness of the importance of community service while reinforcing CVUSD Character Education goals.  Grant money will be used to purchase supplies for making blankets for MyStuffBags, an organization helping homeless children.


Cindy Phillips, Walnut Elementary School, Grade 2, Language ArtsWALNUTMs. Phillips’ students show book examples.  Also pictured (L to R): Laurie Lam, CSF Executive Board Treasurer, Walnut Principal Amy Hastings, Bonnie Adamick, Classroom Teacher Cindy Phillips, Volunteer Rolling Reader Lee Wade.

Ms. Phillips’ class will be making a book under the guidance of their “Rolling Reader,”  published author Ms. Lee Wade.  Ms. Wade, while sharing her passion for writing and storytelling with the students, will be assisting them with the process of writing, illustrating, printing, binding, and publishing their class book.

Below, Lee Wade shows an example of a self-published class book.WALNUT

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