Highlights of 2012-2013: Westlake Elementary School

At Westlake Elementary, 3rd grade teacher Wendy Ridenour used her grant to purchase student clocks.

Ms. Ridenour explains why she wrote a grant for clocks:

“Our math materials include student clocks which are difficult for students to use.  The clock hands stick together, and children are frustrated as they are learning to tell time. Therefore, I wrote a grant for Judy Clocks.  The one “teacher-sized” clock which I purchased on my own over 20 years ago is still working well, so I knew that the company had a good product. Thankfully, my grant application was accepted, and I ordered class sets of student clocks/teacher clocks.  Such a helpful tool to have for teaching how to tell time on a face clock!”

“What a difference in our math lesson!  Telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, five-minute, and minute has never been easier. “

“There were enough funds for me to order two extra class sets, so I will share them with other 2nd – 3rd grade teachers when the school year begins next year.  That means that approximately 160 students will benefit from Cash 4 Classrooms!” – teacher Wendy Ridenour


Also at Westlake Elementary, 4th grade teacher Tasha Spangler was awarded a grant to purchase math manipulatives and resources.

Ms. Spangler wrote to us:

“I was able to purchase: fraction cubes, dice-in-dice, math activity cards, a class set of compasses, and I plan to purchase a class set of clipboards. With these products my students completed an art math project, reviewed fraction concepts with the dice-in-dice, and were able to visually compare fractions. The clipboards will allow them to get out of their desks and work around the room, as well as outside. Thank you for helping me to enrich my classroom!”