Highlights of 2012-2013: Banyan Elementary School

At Banyan, Kindergarten teacher Lori Marzalek received a grant for clay projects.

She wrote to us:

“As classroom and school budgets have decreased, clay supplies have run low. this grant allowed me to purchase new glazes and bring the art of clay back to my classroom. Without this grant my class would not have been able to create clay projects for Mother’s Day. Thank you!”

Below are her students’ hearts made for Mother’s Day.

“Thank you so much for making this such a great experience for my class!” – teacher Lori Marzalek

Also at Banyan, Julie Spurlock’s 3rd grade students created their “Penny Projects,” inspired by The Hundred Penny Box

Ms. Spurlock describes this unique project:

“The project consists of finding a penny for each year of the student’s life. Then they search for a photograph of a memorable event that occurred during the given year. A short paragraph is written to explain  the event.  Finally, they research important happenings that occurred during the  particular year, and choose a headline to download…each student creates a book called “My Penny Project”.  For each year a 12 x 12  page is used.  The students  place the penny, personal paragraph, picture, and headline on the page and decorate it.  Then a front and back cover is made.  The books are bound and displayed at Open House.  The books are a beautiful keepsake to share with their parents and future generations.”