Conejo teachers are doing great things in their classrooms this spring!

Conejo Elementary School K/1 teacher Natalie Smith receives a grant for Science.

Ms. Smith’s students will study the life cycle of chicks with a complete incubator kit.  it’s easy to understand why these kids are excited!


Also at Conejo Elementary, OCLM teacher Megan Triplett won a grant to supplement her classroom literature materials.

Ms. Triplett will purchase Scholastic books on DVD and microphones for students to record themselves while reading aloud.  Principal Dena Sellers joins the class for a photo.

These students are very excited too!



Aspen Elementary 4th grade teacher Lori Brown received a grant for a living history program.

Ms. Brown’s students are studying the Gold Rush this spring.  They will go back in time to the 1850′s gold mining camp of “Get-Up-and-Get-It.”


Also at Aspen Elementary, 2nd grade teacher Terri Culpepper won a grant for Language Arts. Joining in here is Principal Amie Mills.

Ms. Culpepper is integrating Kindle Fires into her reading program.  Through C4CC she received a new, donated Kindle Fire along with grant money to purchase another.