Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms awards 2 additional grants in February… thanks to our generous donors!

Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms continues to grow through direct financial support from our community.  This month we were able to award 2 additional grants, made possible by the genrous support of Dennis & Linda Fenton.  Linda was able to join us this week in presenting grants to 2 of our dedicated science teachers at the high school level.

Thousand Oaks High School 9th grade science teacher Ashley Cooper, at right, pictured with donor Linda Fenton,  won a grant for her BIO (Biology Integrated Opportunites) program. 

Ms. Cooper’s students will be introduced to career paths integrated with her biology program.  Highlights include guest speakers such as a cardiologist who will guide students through the observation and dissection of a sheep’s heart.  Grant money will be used to purchase supplies that support the featured specific career related activities.


Robert Martin, science teacher at Newbury Park High School, pictured with donor Linda Fenton

Mr. Martin’s 9th grade students will be studying atmosphere.  Grant money will be used to purchase sling psychrometers and barometers.

A few students join Mr. Martin, Mrs. Fenton, and Assistant Principal Josh Eby for a photo.