Creative ideas flourish in our elementary schools – see what 2 terrific teachers are doing with grant money…

At Sycamore Canyon Elementary, 5th grade teacher Janet Taylor (pictured with Principal Josh Eby) received a grant for her classroom’s “Taylor City.”

Yes, Ms. Taylor hosts a city in her classroom – a city complete with jobs, taxes, licenses, patents, a bank, shopping, etc.  This has been proven to be a highly successful and memorable program for her students, and grant money will allow her to expand the program this year.

Below, Ms. Taylor is pictured with her class and parent volunteer Anagha D’Souza, who is very enthusiastic about Taylor City and encouraged Ms. Taylor to apply for the grant. We can’t wait to hear about what happens in the city this year!


At Weathersfield Elementary, 2nd/3rd grade teacher Joan Hartigan received a grant to supplement her language arts and social science curriculum.

Ms. Hartigan used grant money to purchase “Time for Kids” magazine and “Brainpop” online, to enhance the students’ understanding of vocabulary and current events, particularly during coverage of the presidential election.

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Grant money provides tech tools for elementary students!

At Lang Ranch Elementary, 3rd grade teacher Nancy Tracy receives a grant along with congratulations from CVUSD School Board Member Peggy Buckles and Principal Chris Ridge.

At a conference during the summer, Ms.Tracy learned how to incorporate technology to reinforce non fiction reading and writing, and to make book reports more fun for her students.  Students use online tools such as Glogster and Animoto to organize ideas and to bring stories to life using a variety of creative resources.

Ms. Tracy’s room is full of creativity and inspiration!


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Aspen third graders will go to Anacapa Island in the spring, with the help of grant money and our generous donors!

Aspen third graders pictured with their teachers Diane Barrett, Emily Kneller and Kathi Byington, , say THANK YOU to Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms and ESPECIALLY to donors Harvey & Joanie Prince (center) who funded this exciting grant.

Starting this fall all 3 classes have been busy with fund raising activities such as snack sales and restaurant nights to earn money for their Anacapa adventure.  Thanks to donors Harvey & Joanie Prince this trip will become a reality!  They look forward to a boat trip, docent guided hike, re-planting of native plants, and learning about the ecosystem and native American heritage of this area.

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Grant money helps high school teachers kick off the 2012-2103 school year with exciting projects…

Thousand Oaks High School Science teachers Rhonda Frohn and Patti McNamara, pictured here with Bonnie Adamick of C4CC and TOHS Principal Lou Lichtl, received grant money for their creative STEM program collaboration.

Exciting things are indeed happening at TOHS!  Grant money will be used to purchase robot kits for a 9th grade STEM class (Science,Technology, Engineering, Math), created by Ms. Frohn and Ms. McNamara combining Geoscience and Computer Programming curriculum.


Great ideas are also lighting up the TOHS English department! Here, teacher Melissa Wood-Glusac, pictured with Laurie Lam of Conejo School Foundation and Principal Lou Lichtl, receives a grant for her latest inspiration.

Ms. Wood-Glusac’s 11th and 12th graders will engage in a year long writing experience to include hand written letters to pen pals in France, business letters, and a subscription to the “Letters in the Mail” program developed by writer Stephen Elliot.


Meanwhile, Westlake High School also has terrific ideas in the works!  Science teacher Jennifer Boyd is delighted to receive a grant, with congratulations from with WHS Principal Ron Lipari.

Ms. Boyd has fun things planned for her AP Biology students, who will study microorganisms purchased with grant money.  Students will observe bioluminescent organisms overnight while at home, and also in class under the microscope.




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