Junior Kindergartens and High School Language Classes Win Grants in May!

Thousand Oaks High School Spanish teacher Veronica Bass receiving a grant presented by Laurie Lam of Conejo Schools Foundation and Bonnie Adamick.

Ms. Bass will use her grant money to purchase much needed readers for her Spanish 2CP and Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes.


Also at Thousand Oaks High School, teacher Jen Smith received a grant for language arts.

Ms. Smith’s students have fallen in love with reading using Kindle Fires.  Grant money will be used to purchase high interest Core Literature novels.

It’s no wonder that TOHS Principal Lou Lichtl is smiling – several TOHS teachers have been awarded C4CC grants this year!  He came along with us to congratulate Ms. Bass and Ms. Smith on their awards.


Aspen Elementary School teacher Jennifer Fisher with her Junior Kindergarten class…

… and at Acacia Elementary School, Junior Kindergarten teacher Mary Beth Stovall received a grant for her class.

Both Ms. Fisher and Ms. Stovall will use grant monies to purchase math manipulatives that are needed at the Junior Kindergarten level.  These materials will engage the children in activities that reinforce math concepts.


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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms Honors 4 CVUSD Teachers!

There is always a lot going on in our terrific school district.  April gave us another opportunity to showcase 4 teachers doing great things for kids.


Colina Middle School teacher Stephen Kozlowski receives a grant in the wood shop.

Mr. Kozlowski thought of a way to inspire students by using their wood shop skills to improve their campus environment.  The students will be repairing and refurbishing benches on campus using wrought iron and wood.  These students look very pleased.

Students enjoy using the tools in Colina’s wood shop.



Newbury Park High School Spanish language teacher Claudia Caudill with her students.

Ms. Caudill will use her grant money to purchase Vox Spanish/English dictionaries to enhance students’ learning and provide a vital resource to increase vocabulary, essential to acquiring a second language.


EARThS Magnet School 4th grade teacher Laura Pewe, with Bonnie Adamick and EARThS principal Jennifer Boone.

Ms. Pewe will use Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant money to purchase Delta Science Readers to support language arts taught through the lens of science, which reflects the curriculum integration philosophy of EARThS Magnet School..

Melissa Spiegel, 2nd grade teacher at Westlake Elementary School, is delighted to receive a Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant.

Ms. Spiegel will set up a much needed listening center in her classroom to reinforce the language arts curriculum.  All students will be able to access the center each and every day throughout the school year.

Ms. Speigel’s class showing their enthusiasm!

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