January 2012 Grant Winners!

Colina Middle School teacher Linda Moore, pictured with principal Shane Frank and Bonnie Adamick

Linda Moore’s 6th grade students will be learning about Ancient Greece this spring.  Grant money will be used to purchase class sets of new books and students will participate in a variety of hands on activities.


Amanda Haver, 5th grade teacher at Aspen Elementary School, receives a grant to fund science projects

Ms. Haver’s students will be conducting inquiry based science projects with supplies purchased with Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant money.


Redwood Middle School teacher Trudi Babich receives a grant in the wood shop

Trudi Babich will guide her students in the process of designing and creating dynamic automata, or kinetic sculptures.  The possibilities are endless … and all are very exciting!


Ladera 3rd grade teacher Constance Cordiero-Weidner receives a grant for her Conejo Valley scrapbook project

Ms. Cordeira-Weidner’s students will be making scrapbooks about the Conejo Valley.  This project spans multiple subject areas including language arts and social science as  students learn about the history of our community.  Ms. Weidner will share her resources with all 3rd grade teachers at Ladera.

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Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry joins us as our first Community Partner… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Conejo Schools Foundation is delighted to announce that Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry has joined the Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms program as a Community Partner.  Their support will enable us to fund additional grants and heighten community awareness of our program.

In the month of January we are able to award five grants, the first of which is directly funded by this donation:

Rhonda Frohn, Thousand Oaks High School, Grades 10-12, ScienceRhonda Frohn is pictured with Greg Hong of Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry.

Ms. Frohn’s class desperately needed scientific calculators, which are used every day in college prep chemistry.  Fewer students are able to purchase these due to economic hardship.  This year when TOHS added more chemistry sections and an additional chemistry teacher, Ms. Frohn was kind enough to give half of her calculators to the new teacher who had none.  Thanks to Thousand Oaks Family Dentistry she will now have a complete class set once again.

Below, Ms. Frohn’s Chemistry students showing their scientific calculators.TOHS

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