5 Conejo Valley High School teachers are honored with C4CC grants.

We are delighted to award classroom grants to these 5 enthusiastic teachers at Conejo Valley High School: Cameron White, Stephen Kozlowski, Roland Macasieb, Brenda Lavin, and Lee Svoboda. Congratulations!

Pictured below are Cameron White (L) and Stephen Kozlowski (R) with Bonnie Adamick and CVHS Principal Martin Manzer. Mr. White will purchase video equipment to help students acquire technology skills. Mr. Kozlowski’s wood shop students will design and build a lattice backdrop to be used at school functions.

Mr. White wrote: “Our students should not only be able to embrace math concepts in a more interactive way, they will be dealing with technology that is relevant in today’s job market. Almost all websites run video. I want to give them guidance and hope to inspire their abilities in both math and video.”


Pictured below with students are (L to R) Roland Macasieb, Brenda Lavin, and Lee Svoboda. Mr. Macasieb’s students have a great desire to play competitive soccer so he will use grant money to purchase needed sports equipment. Ms. Lavin will purchase a class set of high interest novels to engage her students for a literature unit that is relevant to them. Mr. Svoboda will purchase a video camera and related equipment to inspire his students to acquire technology skills while creating academic videos.

Mr. Svoboda wrote: “In order for alternative education students to remain successful in school and society, they need how to use current technology and understand academic vocabulary.”

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More elementary school grants mark the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year.

CVUSD elementary schools began the school year with C4CC grant money in multiple subject areas.

Wildwood Elementary 2nd grade teacher Michelle May is using grant money to purchase “Nooks” and nonfiction material to support common core standards in her Language Arts program. Here she is pictured with Principal Doug Hedin.


At Banyan Elementary, Kindergarten teacher Laurie Marzalek received a grant for clay and glazes to use in her students’ wonderful ceramics projects. Principal Laurie Davis (L) joined our classroom visit.

Kindergarteners love to show their clay projects!


Kris Lopez, 2nd/3rd grade teacher at Walnut Elementary, will use her grant towards field trips to support the science curriculum. This fall, students will see Chinese acrobats at the Civic Arts Plaza and in the spring they will go the IMAX Theatre in Exposition park to see “Flight of the Butterflies.”

Ms. Lopez wrote: “Our Title One school and teachers are focused on finding ways to bring curriculum into our student’s lives. In fact, it is not unusual to hear students say, ‘I’ve never been to the ocean, museum, or the city (Los Angeles).’ As teachers we have found that the Science curriculum … is the perfect place to enrich their experiences.”


Kim Lewis, Transitional Kindergarten teacher at Glenwood Elementary, will purchase much needed math manipulatives for her classroom. Here she receives her grant alongside Principal Paula Golem (L).

Ms. Lewis’s students will benefit from the new and exciting materials in their classroom.

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Highlights of 2012-2013: Conejo Elementary School

First grade teacher Frankie Perez purchased educational software for his classroom. Students are enjoying learning through interactive technology.

Mr. Perez writes: “My students were very excited to use the educational software and I so thankful that I am able to provide it to them. Once again, thank you so much!”

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Highlights of 2012-2013: Transitional Kindergarten at Westlake Hills Elementary

Christi Wyrrick needed to supply her Transitional Kindergarten class with math manipulative materials. Students now enjoy using bear shaped counters to sequence objects by size (“Goldilocks and the Three Bears”), create patterns using gem sets, and explore measurement with inchworm tools.

Ms. Wyrrick wrote:  “It has been wonderful to have more hands-on math manipulatives for these little ones to use.  My class has five different home languages represented and a majority of second language learners.  The concrete materials are especially helpful for them in understanding math concepts.”

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Highlights of 2012-2013: Westlake Elementary School

At Westlake Elementary, 3rd grade teacher Wendy Ridenour used her grant to purchase student clocks.

Ms. Ridenour explains why she wrote a grant for clocks:

“Our math materials include student clocks which are difficult for students to use.  The clock hands stick together, and children are frustrated as they are learning to tell time. Therefore, I wrote a grant for Judy Clocks.  The one “teacher-sized” clock which I purchased on my own over 20 years ago is still working well, so I knew that the company had a good product. Thankfully, my grant application was accepted, and I ordered class sets of student clocks/teacher clocks.  Such a helpful tool to have for teaching how to tell time on a face clock!”

“What a difference in our math lesson!  Telling time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, five-minute, and minute has never been easier. “

“There were enough funds for me to order two extra class sets, so I will share them with other 2nd – 3rd grade teachers when the school year begins next year.  That means that approximately 160 students will benefit from Cash 4 Classrooms!” – teacher Wendy Ridenour


Also at Westlake Elementary, 4th grade teacher Tasha Spangler was awarded a grant to purchase math manipulatives and resources.

Ms. Spangler wrote to us:

“I was able to purchase: fraction cubes, dice-in-dice, math activity cards, a class set of compasses, and I plan to purchase a class set of clipboards. With these products my students completed an art math project, reviewed fraction concepts with the dice-in-dice, and were able to visually compare fractions. The clipboards will allow them to get out of their desks and work around the room, as well as outside. Thank you for helping me to enrich my classroom!”

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