Westlake High School has 2 more grant winners!

WHS foods teacher Maria Scirone will use grant money for supplies related to the second Annual National Food Day in the fall.

Assistant principal Nicole Funfar joined us for a photo op to congratulate Ms. Scirone.


WHS French teacher Marianne Preston received grant money to purchase a class set of Le Petit Prince.



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Spring grants continue…

3rd grade teacher Stephanie Lopez at Ladera Elementary received a grant for science.

Ms. Lopez’s students will visit the California Science Center and Endeavour Space Shuttle this spring.


Cheryl Babcock, 5th grade teacher at Maple Elementary, received a grant for video equipement.

Ms. Babcock’s class will enjoy using a flip camera to capture oral presentations in language arts, math, social studies, and science.


Teacher Leslie Martinez of Redwood Middle School, shown with one of her 6th grade students as she received a grant to acquire gently used iPads, which will be used in reading instruction.


Karen Abbitt at Sequoia Middle School received a grant to purchase supplies for the math department’s annual “pi” night.

Sequoia Principal Vivian Vina and Dean of Students Jim Marshall joined us to congratulate Ms. Abbitt.

Happy students congratulate their teacher!

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Conejo teachers are doing great things in their classrooms this spring!

Conejo Elementary School K/1 teacher Natalie Smith receives a grant for Science.

Ms. Smith’s students will study the life cycle of chicks with a complete incubator kit.  it’s easy to understand why these kids are excited!


Also at Conejo Elementary, OCLM teacher Megan Triplett won a grant to supplement her classroom literature materials.

Ms. Triplett will purchase Scholastic books on DVD and microphones for students to record themselves while reading aloud.  Principal Dena Sellers joins the class for a photo.

These students are very excited too!



Aspen Elementary 4th grade teacher Lori Brown received a grant for a living history program.

Ms. Brown’s students are studying the Gold Rush this spring.  They will go back in time to the 1850′s gold mining camp of “Get-Up-and-Get-It.”


Also at Aspen Elementary, 2nd grade teacher Terri Culpepper won a grant for Language Arts. Joining in here is Principal Amie Mills.

Ms. Culpepper is integrating Kindle Fires into her reading program.  Through C4CC she received a new, donated Kindle Fire along with grant money to purchase another.

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December 2012 Awards!

At Sycamore Canyon Middle School, 6th grade teacher Haley Carroll and her students gather for a photo op to celebrate her award.

Ms. Carroll will use grant money to purchase an online subscription to the Popplet tool, which her students will use with Language Arts and Social Studies projects.  Students will use Popplet to help organize ideas, create graphics, and create timelines, along with other forms of visual organization.  below, Ms. Carroll demonstrates Popplet for us.


At Thousand Oaks High School, more great things are happening in Ashley Cooper’s 9th grade Biology and Health classes.  Here she receives a grant from donor Mrs. Diane Blindbury, also pictured with TOHS principal Lou Lichtl.

Ms. Cooper’s project will study the transfer of bacteria during a sneeze.  Achoo!


TOHS colleague Dana Grooms also received a grant for Biology.

Her grant money will be used to purchase molecular puzzles which will allow students to model chemical reactions. C4CC thanks our generous donors John & Diane (pictured) Blindbury for making this possible.


At EARThS Science Magnet, 4th grade teacher Laura Pewe received a grant for nature journals.  Principal Jennifer Boone joined us for a photo.

Here’s an example of a student’s nature journal.  Students will create outdoor scientific journals/books while observing native plants of the Santa Monica Mountains (Satwiwa).

Ms. Pewe and her class with EARThS  Principal Jennifer Boone.


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Creative ideas flourish in our elementary schools – see what 2 terrific teachers are doing with grant money…

At Sycamore Canyon Elementary, 5th grade teacher Janet Taylor (pictured with Principal Josh Eby) received a grant for her classroom’s “Taylor City.”

Yes, Ms. Taylor hosts a city in her classroom – a city complete with jobs, taxes, licenses, patents, a bank, shopping, etc.  This has been proven to be a highly successful and memorable program for her students, and grant money will allow her to expand the program this year.

Below, Ms. Taylor is pictured with her class and parent volunteer Anagha D’Souza, who is very enthusiastic about Taylor City and encouraged Ms. Taylor to apply for the grant. We can’t wait to hear about what happens in the city this year!


At Weathersfield Elementary, 2nd/3rd grade teacher Joan Hartigan received a grant to supplement her language arts and social science curriculum.

Ms. Hartigan used grant money to purchase “Time for Kids” magazine and “Brainpop” online, to enhance the students’ understanding of vocabulary and current events, particularly during coverage of the presidential election.

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