Highlights of 2012-2013: Transitional Kindergarten at Westlake Hills Elementary

Christi Wyrrick needed to supply her Transitional Kindergarten class with math manipulative materials. Students now enjoy using bear shaped counters to sequence objects by size (“Goldilocks and the Three Bears”), create patterns using gem sets, and explore measurement with inchworm tools.

Ms. Wyrrick wrote:  “It has been wonderful to have more hands-on math manipulatives for these little ones to use.  My class has five different home languages represented and a majority of second language learners.  The concrete materials are especially helpful for them in understanding math concepts.”

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Middle Schools receive grants for music, social studies, and math.

At Sequoia Middle School, music teacher Karla Stevenson is pictured with principal Vivian Vina and Bonnie adamick, showing off 2 of the several beautiful new guitars that were recently donated to the school.

Ms. Stevenson will use her grant money to purchase music books and supplies needed to make full use of the new guitars.


Also at Sequoia, 6th grade teacher Elissa Ahankoob received a grant for her creative “mini society.”

Students will participate in business ventures while learning about the American economy.


Los Cerritos Middle School principal Jason Brannam alongside math teacher Debbie Boden, winning a grant for her 7th and 8th grade classes.

Ms. Boden and her students will use a flip camera to make homework videos and instructional lecture videos.

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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms Finishes out the 2011-2012 School Year with 6 More Grants…

Weathersfield Elementary School 5th grade teacher Mae Robin Joaquin is delighted to receive a grant for her class!

Ms. Joaquin will use her grant money to purchase high interest novels for her small reading groups to use throughout the school year.  She is pictured below with her excited group of students.


Westlake Elementary School teacher Kelly Lovenson receiving a grant for her Kindergarten class.

Thanks to their Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant, Ms. Lovenson’s students will have fun while learning using Hot Dots interactive pens and Tubaloo phones.  Hands on activities will reinforce phonics, sound identification, vocabulary, and reading readiness.


At Westlake Hills Elementary School, Christi Wyrrick received a grant for her Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten class.

Ms. Wyrrick will use her grant money for Marvelous math supplies and manipulatives.  She writes, “Thank you for supporting our youngest learners as we lay the foundation in math skills.”  It is our pleasure!


Newbury Park High School French teacher Corrine McKean received a grant for her AP and IB classes.

Ms. McKean stresses the importance of reading enrichment materials for her students in order to be prepared for the challenge of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate testing.  She will use grant money to purchase novels to be used by her French classes at all levels.

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Junior Kindergartens and High School Language Classes Win Grants in May!

Thousand Oaks High School Spanish teacher Veronica Bass receiving a grant presented by Laurie Lam of Conejo Schools Foundation and Bonnie Adamick.

Ms. Bass will use her grant money to purchase much needed readers for her Spanish 2CP and Spanish for Spanish Speakers classes.


Also at Thousand Oaks High School, teacher Jen Smith received a grant for language arts.

Ms. Smith’s students have fallen in love with reading using Kindle Fires.  Grant money will be used to purchase high interest Core Literature novels.

It’s no wonder that TOHS Principal Lou Lichtl is smiling – several TOHS teachers have been awarded C4CC grants this year!  He came along with us to congratulate Ms. Bass and Ms. Smith on their awards.


Aspen Elementary School teacher Jennifer Fisher with her Junior Kindergarten class…

… and at Acacia Elementary School, Junior Kindergarten teacher Mary Beth Stovall received a grant for her class.

Both Ms. Fisher and Ms. Stovall will use grant monies to purchase math manipulatives that are needed at the Junior Kindergarten level.  These materials will engage the children in activities that reinforce math concepts.


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