Aspen third graders will go to Anacapa Island in the spring, with the help of grant money and our generous donors!

Aspen third graders pictured with their teachers Diane Barrett, Emily Kneller and Kathi Byington, , say THANK YOU to Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms and ESPECIALLY to donors Harvey & Joanie Prince (center) who funded this exciting grant.

Starting this fall all 3 classes have been busy with fund raising activities such as snack sales and restaurant nights to earn money for their Anacapa adventure.  Thanks to donors Harvey & Joanie Prince this trip will become a reality!  They look forward to a boat trip, docent guided hike, re-planting of native plants, and learning about the ecosystem and native American heritage of this area.

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Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms Finishes out the 2011-2012 School Year with 6 More Grants…

Weathersfield Elementary School 5th grade teacher Mae Robin Joaquin is delighted to receive a grant for her class!

Ms. Joaquin will use her grant money to purchase high interest novels for her small reading groups to use throughout the school year.  She is pictured below with her excited group of students.


Westlake Elementary School teacher Kelly Lovenson receiving a grant for her Kindergarten class.

Thanks to their Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant, Ms. Lovenson’s students will have fun while learning using Hot Dots interactive pens and Tubaloo phones.  Hands on activities will reinforce phonics, sound identification, vocabulary, and reading readiness.


At Westlake Hills Elementary School, Christi Wyrrick received a grant for her Junior Kindergarten / Kindergarten class.

Ms. Wyrrick will use her grant money for Marvelous math supplies and manipulatives.  She writes, “Thank you for supporting our youngest learners as we lay the foundation in math skills.”  It is our pleasure!


Newbury Park High School French teacher Corrine McKean received a grant for her AP and IB classes.

Ms. McKean stresses the importance of reading enrichment materials for her students in order to be prepared for the challenge of Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate testing.  She will use grant money to purchase novels to be used by her French classes at all levels.

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4 New Grants Awarded in March….

Four more wonderful CVUSD teachers received grants for their classrooms this month.  It is truly inspiring to learn about what so many dedicated teachers have planned for their students.

Pictured here is Heather Farrell, 9th grade science teacher at Thousand Oaks High School, along with CSF Executive Director Cindy Goldberg, Bonnie Adamick,  donor Linda Fenton, and TOHS principal Lou Lichtl.

Ms. Farrell’s students will have the exciting experience of conducting science experiments aboard the Marine Floating Lab of Channel Islands.  Our sincere thanks to generous donors Dennis and Linda Fenton for funding this field trip opportunity.


Westlake High School’s International Foods teacher Maria Scirone is so enthusiastic about receiving her grant!

Ms. Scirone’s students will be studying Italian culture, philosophy, and cuisine through the study of different regions of Italy and the preparation of delicious Italian foods. Mmmmmm.


Congratulations to Paula Golem, 3rd grade teacher at Lang Ranch Elementary School, shown alongside principal Chris Ridge,  Bonnie Adamick, and  CSF Treasurer Laurie Lam.

Ms. Golem will use her grant money for a listening center in her classroom, which will support the language arts program for English language learners, while enhancing full access to the core curriculum for all students in the class.


Here are Christy Button and Tammy Farhit, 1st grade teachers at Aspen Elementarey School, shown with Bonnie Adamick and Aspen principal Amie Mills.

Ms. Button and Ms. Farhit will use the grant to fund their classroom’s unit on Africa this spring.  Highlights include a trip to the Santa Barbara Zoo and a variety of arts and crafts and hands on learning activities through small group instruction in the classroom’s “Africa Centers.”  What a lucky class!

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More February grants awarded at elementary schools!

February has been an exciting month with our largest number of grants to date, made possible by our wonderful donors.  In addition to the high school grants, 4 CVUSD elementary school classrooms received grant money this month.

Westlake Hills 5th grade teacher Steve Latshaw, pctured with Bonnie Adamick and CSF treasurer Laurie Lam

Mr. Latshaw has an exciting activity planned for his students this spring – solar cars!  Below, Mr. Latshaw shows students an example of what they will be creating.  Sunny days mean more fun with science, experimenting and learning through solar cars!


Aspen teacher Shannon Van Wagner with her K-1 students

Ms. Van Wagner will purchase a phonics program called “Explode the Code” to supplement the core reading curriculum in a manner individualized to each student.


Susan Lewis (R), 1st grade teacher at science magnet school EARThS, pictured with principal Jennifer Boone (L)

Ms. Lewis will use grant money to purchase listening center supplies to supplement the curriculum for English language learners. The listening center provides a small group environment that is low stress and an enjoyable way to reinforce the joy of reading in young children.

Below, Ms. Lewis’s class hams it up for the camera…


Not pictured is Acacia Elementary School K/1 teacher Erica Merziotis who was awarded a grant to purchase Proloquo2, an iPad/Apple application that provides augmentative and alternative communications tools for children with disabilities which affect their ability to access typical curriculum.  The program’s spoken vocabulary provides immediate modeling and alternate response methods for students with speech, hearing, and/or other processing disorders.

Congratulations to all of our February winners!

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January 2012 Grant Winners!

Colina Middle School teacher Linda Moore, pictured with principal Shane Frank and Bonnie Adamick

Linda Moore’s 6th grade students will be learning about Ancient Greece this spring.  Grant money will be used to purchase class sets of new books and students will participate in a variety of hands on activities.


Amanda Haver, 5th grade teacher at Aspen Elementary School, receives a grant to fund science projects

Ms. Haver’s students will be conducting inquiry based science projects with supplies purchased with Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant money.


Redwood Middle School teacher Trudi Babich receives a grant in the wood shop

Trudi Babich will guide her students in the process of designing and creating dynamic automata, or kinetic sculptures.  The possibilities are endless … and all are very exciting!


Ladera 3rd grade teacher Constance Cordiero-Weidner receives a grant for her Conejo Valley scrapbook project

Ms. Cordeira-Weidner’s students will be making scrapbooks about the Conejo Valley.  This project spans multiple subject areas including language arts and social science as  students learn about the history of our community.  Ms. Weidner will share her resources with all 3rd grade teachers at Ladera.

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