Who may apply? Classroom teachers grades K-12 at schools in the CVUSD

Purpose: Each $250 grant must be used to directly affect and enrich the students' educational experience.

How many grants will be given? Since the program's inception, we have a commitment to award at least 40 grants ($250 each) each school year. As Community Partners and donors contribute to the program, the number of grants awarded will increase accordingly.

Selection: A grant committee will select winning classrooms at intervals during the school year and teachers will be notified shortly thereafter.

Program duration: Grants will be awarded throughout the school year, October through March. Teachers do not need to re-submit their application each month, as all applications will be kept for the duration of the school year. Teachers may submit one application per school year. Teachers who are job sharing or team teaching may submit one application for their classroom and are asked to include both teacher names.

Follow-up requirement: Within 30 days of receiving grant money, teachers are asked to provide written feedback to include a project summary and digital photographs and/or videotape featuring their classroom project, which may be published on the Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms website and/or Facebook page.

How to apply: All applications are to be submitted online using the form below.

Application deadline: Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis throughout the current school year until March 31. Applications received after March 31 will not be considered for the current school year, however teachers may re-apply for the following school year beginning June 1.

Presentation of grants: Teachers who have been selected to receive grants will be notified by email and may be asked to reply indicating a few convenient times of day for a short in-classroom presentation, usually to be scheduled within 2 weeks. In order to include students in a photo opportunity we ask that teachers please confirm with the school office, in advance, any students who may not be photographed.



• Grant money is to be used for student enrichment, curriculum and activities within a budget of $250, or with a description of additional potential funding streams.

• A request for educational materials must include a description of a specific enrichment project or activity directly related to those materials.

• All applications must include a cost breakdown of what is being requested.

• Please Include important dates or project time line.

• Grant money is to be used on a per classroom basis, to benefit all students in the classroom as opposed to individual students and/or scholarship assistance.

Teachers requesting funds for grade level activities or group projects involving multiple classrooms are asked to apply individually, with the understanding that only one (or not all) may be funded.

• While we recognize the importance of classroom supplies and equipment, we are unable to fulfill requests for these materials that are not directly related to specific enrichment activities.

• Applications that are incomplete or do not follow our program guidelines will not be considered.

Name of Teacher
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School Name
Grade Level
Description of project, including specific materials needed, cost breakdown, and any important dates or time lines.
Estimated Cost
Please indicate additional funding sources for this project, including other grant money (whether applied for or received). If your project cost exceeds $250 another viable funding source must be indicated in order for your application to be considered.
I understand that all Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms grant money is to be used for the specific purpose as described in my application. I agree to provide receipts as may be required by Conejo Schools Foundation. Within 30 days of receiving grant money, I will provide written feedback to include a project summary and digital photographs and/or videotape documentation to Cash 4 Conejo Classrooms which may be published on this website and Facebook page.      
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Why donate?

• Every dollar received will be used to fulfill grant requests.

• Donations are tax deductible.

• Just $250 will provide a grant to one classroom.

• Partial grant donations are gratefully accepted - a donation of any amount will make a difference!



Our Community Partners

John & Bonnie Adamick

Dale & Jojean Bartos

John & Diane Blindbury

Ann Bonitatibus

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