How to Successfully Start Your Kickstarter Campaign

We asked artist and author Lorenzo Etherington to help you get started by sharing some of his tips, tricks, and best advice for Kickstarter campaigns!

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How to Crowdfund a Book With Kickstarter

Whether using Kickstarter for your first book or your latest book, Kickstarter is focused on helping publishing projects come to life. Kickstarter is a great way to fund new books or even special editions.

When you use Kickstarter, you’ll create a funding goal and a Kickstarter campaign page with details about you, your book, and why readers should back you. You’ll add rewards to the campaign at different dollar amounts to entice your followers to fund you at the level that works best for them.

Once your project is fully funded, you’ll get the money from Kickstarter. Use it for a content editor, copy editor, cover designer, and to print copies for your backers!

Using Kickstarter For Your Book


Create a Kickstarter account and 'Start a Project'


Provide details about your project and add reward tiers


Promote the Kickstarter to your audience


Once the campaign ends, collect pledges and send rewards!

Reward Tier Examples


1 Print and digital copy of your book


2 Print and digital copies of your book + an alternate cover art print


2 Print and digital copies of your book + an alternate cover art print + a limited edition hardcover


2 Print and digital copies of your book + an alternate cover art print + a limited edition hardcover + alternate art print edition

Watch How to Crowdfund Your Book

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Bulk Order Fulfillment

With your funding goal met, it's time to get your books printed and shipped to your fans! We make that easier than ever with our Order Import tool.

Just publish your book on Lulu for free, then use the Order Import tool to upload a CSV file with your customer's order and shipping information. We'll professionally print the orders and drop ship each one to your fans around the world.

Popular Book Formats to Make

Lulu offers a variety of size, binding, and ink options to help you create your book exactly the way you imagine it.

Print Books

Make a novel, photo book, or any book you want with a wide range of options, including paperback, hardcover, full color, black & white, and more!

Graphic Novels & Comic Books

With true comic book printing including inside the cover printing, Lulu makes it easier than ever to create and sell professional quality comics and graphic novels.

Children's Books

Use print-on-demand to make a beautiful, full-color children's book in hardcover or paperback.

Kickstarter Projects You'll Love

Get inspired to kickstart your own publishing with these amazing creations using Kickstarter and Lulu.

Lorenzo Etherington

Lorenzo's series of art and guides to drawing are both stunning and inspiring!

Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines

This Kickstarter was all about funding their coloring book!

Emoji Dick

This project published a copy of the classic Moby Dick using only emojis!

Custom Calendars

Create a unique calendar with our easy to use calendar tool. You have the option to upload images to make a simple calendar or use our template to make a completely original calendar design.

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